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Batman: Arkham VR

October 5, 2017

Experience Gotham City through the eyes of the World’s Greatest Detective in an all new Arkham mystery. Tsoon: 1 Kliki siia, et broneerida online! Te võite broneerida aega telefoni... Read more

Infinity VR

Immersive VR experience for HTC Vive featuring world leading visuals and interactions. Tsoon: 1 4 Kliki siia, et broneerida online! Te võite broneerida aega telefoni teel: +372 685 6898 Või... Read more

Rec Room

Welcome to Rec Room, the virtual reality social club where you play active games with players from all around the world. Hang out in the locker room, customize your... Read more

Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality. Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over the Grand Canyon, or walk around the... Read more

The Lab

October 3, 2017

Welcome to The Lab, a compilation of Valve’s room-scale VR experiments set in a pocket universe within Aperture Science. Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog,... Read more

Waltz of the Wizards

Waltz of the Wizard is a virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it’s like to have magical powers. Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the... Read more

Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online... Read more